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telling incredible stories tonight. >> we looked out of the back door and can see a fireball. >> the fireball was just the beginning. >> we're thinking that a jet airplane went down from san francisco airport. i was thinking it might be a terrorist thing. >> this would be more than 20 minutes before the first responders realized it wasn't a crash. >> this is blowing out. >> residents, some with burns ran into the street and the crews were overwhelmed and couldn't help many of them. the sargeant remembers one badly burned man. >> one gentleman advising he's a doctor, another, a paramedic. i gladly hand that had gentlemen over to them and
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helped to evacuate others in the area. >> what he did is that ask citizens to drive in their harms and their face to the hospital. >> firefighters and police officers raced to the heat but were stopped their tracks. >> we can only go so far. the wall was fire was hot. >> so shot the chaos was unlike anyone they had seen. >> we went down glenn view and began clearing the block going door to door making sure there nobody trapped in house autos then, a terrifying discovery. >> there is no water the this is leaving firefighters stranded. >> it's a sinking feeling to say the least. you count on that water being there. if there is a time you needed there, it was there oop cruise managed to pull 3,000 feet of hoses towards the blast site.
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>> as close as we can get. there are citizens helping us drag hose. and this is all hands on deck. >> and at 9:00 the following morning, for this san bruno native leaving the scene was almost as difficult as watching neighbors and friends lose their homes and their lives. >> this is probably one of the hardest things he had to do. this is like my family. >> those first crews were so overwhelmed when they got here to this scene that they said they thought the neighborhood would be destroyed and there would be many more lives shot saying what saved them was a team effort many agencies from around the county were among the first responders here and that they're able to work well together to communicate properly. abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> the coroner confirmed identity of the fourth victim of the fire 81-year-old
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elizabeth torres tried -- dried trying to -- died trying to escape her home. >> the national transportation safety board updated its investigation into the pipeline explosion within the past hour. the vice chairman say they have received 90 e mails from rez -- residents claiming they smelled gas. only one person, he said called pg&e to report it. the utility said it sent a worker to check it out. the national transportation safety board says information on smell can go a long way to helping figure out what went wrong. >> if this is fail that had means it's likely there would be a gas smael smell f virtue of a leak then there, would be a smell of gas. >> and investigators finninned collecting evidence and now focused on interviewing
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witnesses. >> and the i team went through radio transmissions and as they told you last night first responders thought a plane crashed but tonight it's clear that commercial pilots had a better vantage point. >> there is a plane crashing into houses and hill on fire now. >> and this is appearing we have a plane down in the neighborhood and there is a fireball still coming out. >> the pilots taking on a landing knew it wasn't the plane crash. >> this is i'm sure it must be a gas line or something. >> looks like a level of the whole block. >> could be a ruptured gas main. just a huge ball of fire there. and there is almost a half a
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city block or so. >> and there is commercial pilots overhead. residents are slowly putting their lives back together, slowly. first priority is a place to live. some moving away, others are returning home. abc 17 there live tonight with stories. >> there is on the 1700 block of claremont drive. at 4:30 this afternoon smrk residents of destroyed homes were let back in to begin sifting through the rubble for the first time. firefighters and police escorted residents to their destroyed homes, san bruno fire chief says they're being given an hour to sift through the ashes. and this is a chance to lay hands on their house. he cannot confirm if this woman brought flowers because of losing a loved one here, he said they had to wear protective suits. bob pelligrini working on a
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computer today because his is gone with his entire house at the corner of claremont and glenn view. and he wants to rebuild only if the gas line that blew up and runs under his driveway is moved and he says he's asked pg&e about that but hasn't gotten a clear answer. >> if you leave of the line there to do repairs whatever like that, can you guarantee me 100% that that will never happen again? they couldn't do that. if moving out miff area, they could. >> now, they're waiting for stit to okay letting them go back in to sift through rubble. >> wire going to try to find anything we can find. i don't think there is going to be much. any momento to just cling on to. to us, it could be a treasure. >> audrey has minor damage. there there is a front door
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kicked in by firefighters. her glenn view home is just yards from where the pipe exploded but she's not afraid to stay. >> this could happen anywhere and to anyone. and at any time. it could be their city, their street. and... maybe i'm a fatalist or something. i believe something is going to happen, something's going to happen. >> the fire chief could not cop firm which addresses and how many families would be let in. the governor is returning from a trip to asia where he says he's been in constant contact with the lieutenant governor. abc 7 news. senator feinstein called on the small business administration to declare san bruno a disaster area making both businesses and homeowners interested for low interest loans and questions being
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raised whether pg&e customers might are to end up paying for some of the damage from the san bruno fire. this came up during a hearing on a proposal. >> pg&e is joining two utilities and asking for help in paying for damage aused by wildfires them want their customers to pick up tab when repairs exceed insurance coverage. wildfires in 2007 in san diego county exceeded the $1.1 billion covered by insurance. >> they're asking ratepayer be a gigantic insurance company for utilities up ask down the state. >> this has been in the works for years suspicion was raised today pg&e might use this plan to pay for the explosion and fire. and there is a an attorney made a denial.
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however, an attorney for a consumer add vo kaesy group remains skeptical. >> they haven't stated what is the definition of wildfire. >> and one issue identified by a state attorney is whether utilities will take short cuts knowing consumers will cover this bill. >> such a mechanism could be to sort of a pefshers incentive whereby utility would have back stock coverage by ratepayers and could then potentially not comply with safety rules thachl could be more expensive than accessing this type after kts. >> it's interesting to note there is a direct impact in this case. the state p.u.c. would like to take thup matter before the end of the year but without a budget cannot hire outside consultants that it needs to analyze this day
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days -- case. >> tonight still ahead, our first chance to funnel up a marin county taser incident. why politicians authorized it ducked our questions today. >> a san francisco woman gets a dog back years after reporting it stolen. the court ordered reunion is just ahead. >> later a different reunion. sarah shourd, her first taste of freedom following a release today from prison in iran. >> we told but a man who shredded $400. today on 7 on your side, you'll find out if
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the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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a supervisor wants a review of a taser incident. last month abc 7 news aired this video of the tasing incident and vic lee joins with us a follow up report. >> when county supervisors bought 100 tasers they were assured deputies would be trained to use them appropriately. they were state of the bart video cameras mounted on devices. now, some supervisors have concerns about the level of training and others simply aren't saying much. >> this is causing further review. >> marin county supervisor represents the district where peter mcfarland lives. he's the 64-year-old man tased in his home by a sheriff's
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deputy in june of last year. >> there is a troubling video. >> today was the first supervisor's meeting since airing the controversial daysing incident. mcfarland is now suing marin county and two deputies who twont his home this, occurred just after paramedics treated him after he fell down the steps to his house. and mcfarl with aand add mitsz he was drinking. deputies wanted to take him to the hospital because he made a crack about being in so much pain, he wanted to kill himself. he refuses commands, while the taser is pointed at his chest. >> hands behind your back. >> once he gets hup up, he's tased not once, but three times. >> this incident report says
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when a subject kmarjed towards deputies the taser was discharged. many angry responses. the sheriff can't talk about it because of the pending lawsuit. so we asked the supervisors to responld. they aloe indicated 66,000ses today two years ago to buy tasers for the department. some supervisors voiced concerns at the time. >> and my concern is that there might be a phenomenon of using them too quick lie not all supervisors wanted to respond. >> the board can't make any comment on this. >> certainly you're a constituents would probably expect to you make a comment regarding something so controversial. >> we'll be investigating and finding out the full information. >> do you have reservations at that time tasers were bought?
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>> that is all i'm going to say. period. after mcfarl yabd was tased he was jailed and booked for resisting arest. a judge dismissed the charge and he filed a lawsuit last month. >> san francisco mayor planning to veto a fee approved in city hall. under the law, bars and distributor woz be charged 35 cents for every gallon of beer they sell and $1 for every gallon of wine and more than $3 for hard liquor generating estimated $16 million to pay for drunk driving arests. and supervisor chris daily trying to buy a bar voted for the proposal. >> and there is a judge rule aid san francisco woman can get her dog back after all. she was reunited with a her
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dog today. she says a man bought brought the dog to a clinic. clinic gave the dog back man. >> i just want the dog to be happy. you know? she's been a tray for seven years. >> she's a wonderful animal. we've -- i know we're going to have a great time. celebrating tonight. >> the humane society says the 30 day rule is just a general rule of thumb they use for dog that's are band oned. >> and let's take a look at weather which is changing. >> there is a hint of fall. and spencer christian is following the forecast. >> fall like warm sup right there. is a lovely day and mild in many locations. 81 degrees in antioch. upper 70s in inland locations and there is highlights, mild
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around the bay next two days and clouds increase on friday. and there is a chance of rain, light rain this weekend. there is a small range on our weather tick picture going to keep us nice and dry and mild. this storm system up in the pacific northwest is going to move again rlly but slowly this, is a system that may bring us rainfall. there is this system moving slowly across the coastline. will stall a bit. will start to move again by late friday there is increase in clouds overnight friday into early saturday. we can see light rain developing. and l is a front moving inland weaken and fall apart producing light rain overnight saturday into sunday morning this is what we're looking at on
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computer models. there is a overnight lows into low to mid-50s. and there is fog and low clouds advancing a bit. and will be cooler there, lows into upper 40s. tomorrow, sunny skies again with a continuing warming trend and south bay will see high temperatures into mid to upper 70s, 76 in san jose. on the peninsula, mainly low 70s and warming up just a tad on the coast. 59 in pacifica. 64 degrees will be the high downtown san francisco tomorrow a wide range of highs into north bay tomorrow from 67 in sausalito to 77 in sonoma to 85 in clear lake z near east bay, upper 60s to mid-70s will be the rule tomorrow. upper 70s to low 80s and near monterey bay, highs up to about 72 in santa cruz. and there is a chance of rain,
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and temperatures with highs only into mid 70s over the weekend then, we start to warm up again, next week. >> all right. >> and still ahead will your children play in a rusting playground structure? >> with your video, you get it >> with your video, you get it fixed abc 7 man: we need a sofa.
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something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
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in santa clara tonight there is a playground in desperate need of repair. >> so what is the solution? send your video to you reports here is dan noyes with tonight's you fix it report. >> dan and cheryl the first question we had when we heard the complaint is would you let your kids play on a rusty playground? the playground at fairway glenn park is popular with neighborhood kids. and stud grents a nearby school. >> the kids love it. they call the bird cage. >> ronnie said the bird cage are covered and there is already there. >> she sent thus individual yes. >> the kids play with the
6:24 pm
peeling rust. >> she says it's gotten bad she doesn't want to bring her grandchildren theer play anymore. >> it's all over it from the top to bottom. and anything orange is not paint. it's rusting. >> she asked to us help her get it fixed. >> it's been here for a long time. and i think it's about time we do get it fixed up for the kids. >> and facility built in 1981. >> jim teixeira is head of parks and recreation. we e.went out to take a look. one problem he says needs fixing is the sabd. >> the sand under the equipment there are some exposed edges and things and some kpax of the sand. those are things we want to mitigate. >> he says he's going to send a maintenance crew out to till the sand in the next week and says he'll make sure the rust gets taken care of before the rainy season starts in november. >> brushing that down, removing the rust and treated the metal and then putting that layer of paint over that. >> she says it's about time
6:25 pm
the playground bot the level of skpair attention as the park lawn. >> the grounds are fine. grass is mowed and watered except for the play structure. you figure it would be important. >> the city wants to plea ree place the playground and build a rest room looking for grant funding to help with the price tag f you see a service that isn't working or a problem that needs fixing up load your video. just click on you reports link. and don't forget a phone come and -- number and e mail address. >> dan, thank you. >> still coming up tonight at 6:30, the first case of freedom for sarah shourd reunited with her mother today after being freed from an iranian prison. a key decision on california high speed rail line. what it should look like whit comes to biggest city. >> and the results of a clip on video experiment among officers on the oakland police officers on the oakland police force.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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sarah shourd of oakland is out of an iranian prison after nearly 14 months and back in the arms of her mother tonight. the two embraced late today in a neighboring nation of oman. shourd, her fiancee and their friend were arrested after hiking in iraq in 2009. shourd was released on half a million dollars bail for medical reasons. >> anything i'm standing here today because of the efforts of many pechl in the government. and i want to thank president mahmoud ahmadinejad and the iranian officials, religious figures, and everyone has been a part of making this moment happen for me and my family. >> she says focus now will turn to bring her fiancee and
6:30 pm
couples friend. >> we want josh and shane home and they by that compassionate can be extended. >> and there is no sign of wanting to free either man. >> and there is something of a power struggle tonight. leaders trying to get control over what its portion will look like. city leaders throwing their weight around to make sure they get a say. >> california's proposed $43 billion high speed rail project connecting san francisco to los angeles. the rail authority favors an elevated track through downtown san jose. but that is the final decision san jose city leaders say they want control of the design. >> this will be as high as 85 for 90 feet in the air. and that is a couple miles around wex need to make sure we get this right. >> the rail authority estimates a 60 foot track
6:31 pm
through downtown could be built in three to five years, for half a billion dollars, an underground tunnel could take up to seven years, costing five times as much. plus there are environmental concerns. >> also goes through ground water of the city which is awkward to do. it's drinking water of the city. >> despite funding and construction obstacles people and organizations want high speed rail out of site. >> businesses, residents and property owners like what l.a., san francisco, and what anaheim are getting which is a tunnel with development on top of it and they fear it could insist on an elevated station and thinks san jose should leverage position now to have control over a world class design. >> looking at et putting right of way into this project into the southern part of san jose. they want that. and so i think we can
6:32 pm
negotiate for some additional control over what is built in the city. >> the city and rail authority will know next month this they can reach an agreement over design control while keeping the tunnel option open. >> the clock is ticking on virtually every aspect of the project. california must break ground by september, 2012 or lose out on critical federal stimulus money. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and police in oakland are one step closer to wearing clip on video crams on their uniforms. the police chief recommended units to the city council public safety committee this afternoon. abc 7 has the details. >> over the summer there is a small recording device tested by officers in oakland they just clip on, slide open, and begin recording. oakland police chief believes they will improve safety. >> not only police safety but citizen interaction a way to monitor customer service and making sure we're given the
6:33 pm
best service and following up. >> you like them so far? >> dynamite. >> each has an internal hard drive. video is down loaded to a server. cameras will replace once mounted on cars. the chief says they have had little success. and oakland counsel members says it's a win win for stit. >> these are under a few hundred dollars. where as car camera system in back up and memory up linking to it the computers and every night was, several thousand dollars per car. it wasn't as comprehensive. >> the counsel will get funding to help pay for the cameras. this is one issue that has people talking about the pros and cons of using such a device. >> kit help it a little bit more owe under control. >> there is prachgs privacy issues. i don't know. any sort of bistanlder being
6:34 pm
exposed on camera. and recorded. >> he likes the cameras and wonders if they will be effective. >> issue of cameras is when do they get turned off? and who controls when on? not on? >> the police department says all officers will be properly trained to make sure that devices are recording. after tonight the public safety committee is expected to hand it over to counsel. a vote is expected at the end of the month. in oakland abc 7 news. >> money scope headline there's is a big pay day coming for share holders of cisco. the hardware maker announced plans to pay a 1% to 2% dividend on stock. cisco has $40 billion in cash on hand. most of it is overseas and will be subject to a 35% tax if cisco had to tap into it.
6:35 pm
and best buy reported a increase in quarterly profits. retailers in general are reporting good sales for the month of august, easing some fears of the double dip recession. the dow jones average fell 17 points today. and nasdaq add four. s and p 500 down just a fraction. and... despite decades of animosity former president bill clinton eastbound endorsed democrat jerry brown. mr. clinton said they put differences behind them years ago. the former president featured in a meg whitman commercial blasting brown for raising taxes in the 70s, comments based on a ann report that turned out wrong. >> democrats attacking the lieutenant governor for showing up at the san bruno fire scene. he is running against san
6:36 pm
francisco mayor gavin newsom in november. nannette miranda has more. >> reporter: as acting governor, the fiery natural gas line explosion pushed the lieutenant governor into the spotlight. the republican was quick to get on cnn at 3:00 a.m. local time following the explosion. >> he is the state's acting governor now. governor schwartzeneggar is in china. >> maldonado addressed reporters from the scene with updates. >> we're moving quickly to find the cause. >> some moderate republicans appoint bid governor schwartzeneggar this year and is down in the polls in the lieutenant governor's race says it was not for political gain. >> i'm the lieutenant governor of california, today, the acting governor of california where there is a accident or tragedy you need to show up. that is doing your job. >> his opponent san francisco mayor gavin newsom who has more name recognition
6:37 pm
declaind -- declined to be interviewed but the democratic party accuses maldonado of trying to score points with voters he surely didn't do any harm but was probably list dwrong campaign managers saying fly up there. this would be a good photo op. >> he signed bills aimed at preventing pay scandals like the one in the city of bell but failed to file an appeal in the prop 8 case due the very same day. the move angers same-sex marriage opponents who are now fighting prop 8 on their own. >> he's been nothing more but an tunic politician exploiting the situation in san bruno and bell. >> when the governor left we discussed what is going happen in the state. prop 8 wasn't one of them. >> schwartzeneggar announced his administration would not appeal proposition 8. the governor is expected back from asiana and will be going directly to san bruno to see the devastation one political analyst told me that is just what politicians do, they need
6:38 pm
to show that they care. >> and when abc 7 news continues tonight 7 on your side follows up on the case of the mangled money. the mangled money. >> and a man who shreddddddddddd
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval.
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jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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we have a story of a man who accidentally put a lot of money into a paper shredder. >> there is a way to put humpy dumpy back together again. >> michael finney is here to tell us what happened. >> i think it was that tough too,. we found the one place in america that can repair damaged money. but... can it actually repair cash went through a cross cut shredder? you're about to find out. you may recall lost fortunes of brandon. he was shredding of pile of documents not realizing an envelope contained four crisp $100 bills. >> i wasn't paying attention and just, you can't believe what i did today. >> you guessed it. that money went into the shredder, too.
6:42 pm
in seconds his $400 turned into worthless confetti. and brandon pulled out each piece taking them to the bank. month one owe would trade that for cash. he called 7 on your side z we found a little-known miracle worker. >> there is an increase in crosscut shredder autos this is u.s. bureau of engraving and printing. every day examiners turn cash into and there is plenty of people using this, too. 20,000 packages of damaged money arrive each year. most of it looked far worse than brandons. these ashes were once $20 bills, these lumps of mold were someone's life savings, buried in a backyard. this is $523 before it, too, went through a paper shredder. the bureau redeemed all remains for real money. >> awesome. >> we told brandon about this
6:43 pm
place and he did. immediately. and he waited... and waited some more. would he ever get his money back? >> the longer it went, more i thought i wasn't going to be getting anything back for it. >> finally, his answer arrived in the mail. >> one day out of the blue got a check from the department of treasury. >> happy dance. >> and i opened up. it was for... $400. pretty cool. actually. i wasn't expecting to get it back. >> it took eight weeks but the $400 is back in his pock writ. >> absolutely. it would not have found out if it had not been for yourself. >> pretty happy and grateful to channel 7. >> now, you know and must be asking yourself how can examiners repair this money? they verified it was once real cash and after that, if they
6:44 pm
can identify at least 51% of the a bill, they'll replace it f you need damaged money replaced we've posted a link for you. just go get the information on abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> pretty cool aamazing and great story. >> yes. >> it's free. it's a free service. >> incredible. >> and some of them you may have seen others maybe not. >> just ahead a look award
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6:47 pm
orks some people love them. others hate them. the best commercials of the year being screened in the gallery in san francisco. abc 7's don sanchez has a look at the museum-quality work. they celebrate advertising as art. commercial that's captured our imagination. 19th show sclekt selected by association for independent commercial autos this tells a story about art and techniques
6:48 pm
of the commercial. >> you could smell like it's me. >> this made an old brand hip for young audiences in one take, real set changes. no cgi. it's gone beyond tv. there is an after life. that piece, alone has had nearly 100 million hits virally on the internet. >> the bay area gets ak yol yaids. san francisco's agency to the scene produced this award for x box halo three. >> there is a labyrinth without using footage from the game. for sab san francisco's levis that is the voice of walt whitman evoking heart and soul. and it was shot in pennsylvania, and helping the economy this, one for google is a story beginning with a
6:49 pm
simple inqirly ri about a trip to paris. >> this hoiz how ou would use google. >> and there is pure imagery more than real life role model. and there is central story telling. >> and humor is always effective. the gallery is there is a permanent collection showing in museum of modern art in new york. >> and this is like mini movies. >> well done, too. >> and last look at weather. >> let's go back to spencer christian. >> i want to give you a time lapse view from this afternoon. looking over the city of san francisco. notice how late in the afternoon that finger of fog becomes a bigger finger of fog? goitsing to be spilling inland across the bay and overnight cooling things down at night.
6:50 pm
as the fog does. we're going to have a lovely day tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures continuing to rise inland highs into low 80s and mid-70s around the bay. cooling down friday and a lot on the weekend. clouds thicken chance of showers over the weekend. highs only into mid-70s we warm up again, next week. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and when we come back, big sports news and reggie bush
6:51 pm
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[ horn honks, indistinct conversations ] nobody does pan pizza like your mom. [ male announcer ] red baron pan pizza and pan pasta. pizza with a thick crust that's golden crisp on the outside and light on the inside. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste.
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, terrifying moments during an air show. a glider slams nose first into the runway. he's okay z then, at 11:00, the accident that has changed the live of a promising bay area jockey and his young family. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now, let's turn to larry beil with sports. >> huge series for giants. if there was a night for barry zito to prove his worth this, would be it. giants just a half game behind first place in san diego in the west. giants hosting dodgers.
6:54 pm
zito lost eight in a row had a hard time just getting past fourth inning. zito never will be able to pitch up to the level but coming off a decent start. and needs zito's best against l.a.. >> i hope you get confidence off bat going six innings, two run there's in arizona. we need them. go out there, give us a chance whachl you did his last start. and... you know, will be big for barry and us. going out there to give us a start tonight. >> and unfortunately giants could be without the electrifying andres torres, just underwent an appendectomy sunday, hoping to resume some baseball activities within the next few days. giants know there is a huge void to fill in center field. >> we're going miss him. he's a yat lift on the team and gets us going. that is sometimes, we've got to pick up your teammates z that is what we're here for.
6:55 pm
>> and for the first time ever a player has given back his highsman trophy. reggie bush was at the center that have investigation into improper benefits at usc. trojans on probation. ncaa can't do much with bush because he's in the nfl. and he says he gave it up. usc returned there earlier. it's unclear if the trust will now decide to hand over the trophy to vins young caming in second in ballotting in 2005. and a rare friday night game for cal football team this week in reno to play nevada on espn 2. and there is number 24 in the su. usa today poll. bears won in victory fashion by a combined score of 104-10. cal ranked first in the nation in defensive yards allowed just 160 per game. the wolf pack have a top offense why the country
6:56 pm
featuring 600 yards per game. >> their offense is very potent. and led the country in rushing this year. 3,000 yard rushers. they're very, very good at what they do. they can explode on offense very quickly. >> how about stanford ranked 19th engineer both major polls? cardinals host wake forest. sanford coming off wins over sacramento state and ucla. cardinals lost in the final seconds at wake last year and expect to to be closer than first two games this season. >> this is a huge challenge. i mean, we won and saw a spread throwing team. week two, pistol offense. and this week, i mean, a true triple option spread, passing game, teams and experts in what they do. >> and his players talk about how he brings enthusiasm unknown to man kind. that is what his motto is.
6:57 pm
>> is it?. >> yes. >> thank you. >> that is this he bigs of -- edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> stay connected at abc 7 f you can, make time for us again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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